IP that's ripe for the picking


Who? You’re a producer, executive, manager, or screenwriter. You are looking for IP to option and develop.

Why? Films based on books make 53% more at the box office worldwide than original screenplays, and the demand for IP adaptations at networks has never been higher.

What? RipeFind is your one-stop shop for screenrights. RipeFind’s book profile pages aggregate publishing information, synopses, Goodreads reviews, and full book manuscripts when available. All the books you’ll see here are available for option. When you find a book you’re interested in, you can contact its Poster immediately through the site. No more tracking down rights status or contact information. We’ve turned the hunt for IP into a harvest. So join and pick away!

How much? $1500 (plus applicable taxes) per user per year. Your first 72 hours are a free trial. Cancel anytime in that period and you won’t be charged.



Who? You're an author, publisher, or agent. You wrote, published, or represent a book (or books) whose screenrights are available.

Why? Hollywood is hungrier than ever for books to adapt. But pitching the right book to the right producer at exactly the right moment is—well, the odds are long. Producers have wildly different tastes, and their development mandates are constantly changing. RipeFind ends the chase and stops the guesswork. As soon as a book is posted on RipeFind, you will be promoting it to producers, managers, and executives at the exact moment they’re looking. You might even get an offer while you sleep.

What? Each book you post gets its own profile page. You can build out its profile or just sit back and let your ONIX metadata do the talking. Posting can be done one-by-one or in bulk. When Finders are interested in a title you’ve posted, they'll know exactly how to get in touch with you—by messaging you in site.

How much? Nothing! For now, RipeFind is free for Posters.