Our Story


As former literary agents, we realized that no matter how hard we worked, a computer could help us do some parts of our job better. Even the most industrious, most successful agents are limited by their networks of contacts, their instincts on which properties to show which producers, perfect timing — and of course, their need to sleep once in awhile! 

So we thought, what if there were a way to streamline and democratize the screenrights market? What if there were some magical place online where producers, hungry to buy IP, and publishers or agents, hungry to sell IP, could meet? The idea was too magical to ignore. So we did something very un-agent-y: we built it.


Welcome to RipeFind.


With RipeFind, producers, executives, managers, and screenwriters can now take control of their IP search.

Finders can browse for IP anytime of the day or night. As quickly as their development mandates change and evolve, they can now change their IP search criteria. And they can find curated information on every title they look at. When they want to reach out to the rightsholder, that rightsholder is just one click away through RipeFind.


With RipeFind, publishers and authors can now take control of how their screenrights are marketed.

Like a dating site for their books’ screenrights, Posters can create a profile for each available title in their catalogue, including all the titles in their valuable backlists. They can maximize each book’s discoverability through the RipeFind tagging process. And they can rest assured that the visibility of their titles within the entertainment industry is not soley reliant on an agent’s contacts, taste, timing...or need to REM.


RipeFind is a tool for agents, too.

After agents go out and pitch the titles they represent, they can expedite follow-up by pointing producers to the RipeFind profiles for the books they discussed. RipeFind will also take care of some of the hustle for agents, creating a pathway other than pitching for producers to find agents’ properties. RipeFind saves agents time, expands their reach and increases their leverage, allowing them to find even more opportunities and make the best possible deals.





Do you know what would have been really magical, we realize? If we’d had RipeFind when we were agents.

To all you Posters and Finders out there, we hope it will serve you well.